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Case Study #11: A Software Development Company

Project: Improving performance management and performance evaluation

A young software development company delivering media management solutions to large media companies was on a rapid growth trajectory. This involved bringing in large numbers of new, and very diverse, managers and employees. Every newcomer arrived with different experiences and expectations of how performance evaluation should be done. The older informal ways of evaluating employee performance were no longer adequate.

Work with the HR Director to create a state-of-the-art standardized performance evaluation process. Develop and deliver a customized performance evaluation training program for all managers and supervisors in the company.

CMCT's Technology Practice interviewed the CEO and HR Director to determine what the company's philosophy of performance management was, then recommended revisions to the performance evaluation process, timeline, forms and instructions. Three trainings were developed and delivered to all the company's managers and supervisors: (1) Writing and Delivering Performance Appraisals, (2) Objectives, Tracking, Feedback and Ongoing Mentoring, (3) Performance Evaluation Across Cultures. This was followed by small-group coaching sessions.

Dramatic improvement in the quality of employee goal-setting and performance evaluation by managers and supervisors, as well as general communication within the company about performance.

Key Disciplines:
Human Resource Strategy, Performance Management, Performance Evaluation, Management Training,Training Program Development.

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