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Our Health Care Practice helps health care organizations with management and human resource consulting and with cross-cultural consulting and training.

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Our Services

Health care organizations make use of the entire range of CMCT 's consulting, training, facilitation and coaching services, which we adapt to the specific needs of the health care delivery context. Our most frequently requested services are management & human resource consulting and cross-cultural consulting & training.

Management & Human Resource Consulting

  1. Consulting on implementing change initiatives
  2. Organizational and team assessments
  3. Consulting on organizational structure and culture
  4. Consulting on interdepartmental integration issues
  5. Strategic planning
  6. HR strategy consulting
  7. Management assessments
  8. Management training
  9. Communication and workplace interactions training
  10. Streamlining work processes and administrative interactions
  11. Facilitation of team-based leadership processes
  12. Training and consult ting on strengthening staff's customer service orientation
  13. Performance management consulting
  14. Performance appraisal training
  15. One-on-one and team coaching of senior managers and leadership teams


Our Clients

CMCT assists a wide range of organizations involved in health care delivery: hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, acute care facilities, medical practices, nurse education programs, medical schools, health care agencies, and health care advocacy organizations.

Cross-cultural Consulting & Training

  1. Needs assessments and interactive consultations on cross-cultural integration issues
  2. Multicultural leadership and management training for managers and supervisors
  3. Diversity training for health care staff working together across multiple cultures
  4. Country-specific cross-cultural briefings for managers working with health care personnel (particularly nurses) from other countries
  5. Cross-cultural training for health care professionals in how to be effective in working with patients of different cultural backgrounds
  6. Cross-cultural and country-specific cultural awareness workshops for health care managers, employees and care recipients
  7. Health care focused training for nurses and other health care professionals coming from abroad to work in the U.S.
  8. U.S. health care environment focused communication skills training for nurses and other health care professionals from other countries
  9. Counseling, coaching and confidential feedback for individual managers on their approaches to managing a multicultural health care delivery workforce
  10. Consultation on cross-cultural adaptation of training programs and assessment processes for health care delivery professionals
  11. E-Learning/distance learning consultation on adapting health care organization training programs to the needs of staff whose schedules make regular face-to-face classroom training difficult


Our Experts

Consultants in the CMCT Health Care Practice have a track record of service to the needs of health care delivery organizations. They are uniquely qualified to provide consultation and training that is responsive to the multicultural and cross-cultural composition of both the health care workforce and of the patients they serve.


Case Studies & Articles

See case studies of projects we have carried out for our Health Care Practice clients.

See articles on managing change, managing global diversity, and doing business with India, and endorsements by our Healthcare Practice clients.



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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