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case studies

We invite you to browse through the following case studies that illustrate how our services have been employed and have produced sustainable results for our CMCT India Practice clients.

Case Study #2: A High Tech Startup Company
Organizational culture definition, interdepartmental integration, cross-cultural team building
Case Study #3: An IT Staffing Company
Organizational needs assessment, employee orientation, cross-cultural consulting, change management
Case Study #9: A Semiconductor Solutions Company with an Offshore Development Center in India
Addressing cross-cultural management and cross-cultural adaptation issues
Case Study #10: A Fortune 500 Financial Services Company Supported by Offshore Services in India
India cultural awareness training for U.S.-based teams
Case Study #14: A Fortune 500 Enterprise Software Company with Offshore Operations in India
India-U.S. cross-cultural awareness training in support of global teams performance improvement
Case Study #15: An Indian Global Consulting & IT Services Company with Operations in the U.S.
Training of Indian software engineers in business and communication skills for the U.S. workplace
Case Study #18: A Fortune 500 Apparel Manufacturing Company Outsourcing IT Functions to a Vendor in India
Training in cross-cultural awareness for working with Indian teams
Case Study #20: A Big Four Global Management, Consulting and Technology Services Company
Online India cultural awareness training for a financial services client
Case Study #21: A Human Capital Solutions Company with a Recruiting Team Located in India
Customized “Working with Americans” webcast training programs for recruiters in India
Case Study #22: A Canadian Financial Services Company Planning to Set Up Back Office Operations in India
Training on Indian business culture delivered by live interactive video hookup
Case Study #23: A Custom Software Applications Development Company with Operations in the U.S. and India
Webcast and online cross-cultural competency training for India and U.S. teams



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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