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Case Study #4: A Health Care Improvement Organization

Project: Strategic planning facilitation

A health care improvement organization was poised to move into a new phase of rapid growth after a large-scale downsizing, re-orientation of mission, and reorganization for team-based management.

Design and facilitate a strategic planning process to facilitate and support the change in direction.

CMCT's Health Care Practice conducted a series of interviews to determine the readiness of the Executive Team for consensus and action. CMCT then worked one-on-one with the CEO to define key strategic and organizational process issues, designed and facilitated a planning retreat, and, after the retreat, drafted a report on the team's decisions, with action recommendations.

This exercise resulted in the organization's commitment to major goals, financial growth targets, implementation strategies, and individual department responsibilities to execute the plan. The organization's business expansion and infrastructure development activities moved forward with clarity and timeliness.

Key Disciplines:
Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Retreat Facilitation.

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