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Case Study #7: An Intermodal Container Leasing Company

Project: Comprehensive management infrastructure development

A major company in the intermodal container leasing arena needed to succeed in this extremely complex global industry, with narrow margins in a highly competitive environment. The company decided on a comprehensive initiative to upgrade its management practices, develop its organizational infrastructure to better support its business goals, and transition the company to a more mature phase of development.

CMCT was engaged on a long term through one of its strategic partners to help the company develop and implement a comprehensive program of consuslting and training projects in support of the overall initiative.

CMCT developed and implemented an extensive modular series of training, organizational development and coaching projects for the company.

Training projects: a training needs assessment, delivery of a management development program to all managers at headquarters and in the Europe regional offices, development and delivery of a performance appraisal training program, a leadership development program for vice presidents, a coaching program on effective communication, meeting management training, and training sessions for executives and senior managers on strategic planning and organizational development.

Organizational development projects: improving decision-making, defining the HR/OD function and strategy for the company, developing a performance management system, developing a distance learning capacity for the company, facilitating an executive retreat and leadership trek, and consultation on internal communications, strategic planning, and organizational communication.

Coaching projects: communication coaching for small groups, coaching and mentoring of individual managers, and ongoing advice and consultation with the company's senior executives.

Over a period of 18 months, a significant organizational transformation took place from a culture and processes appropriate to a start-up company to practices and structures capable of sustaining a large and mature company.

Key Disciplines:
Change Management, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Organizational Culture, Human Resource Strategy, Training Needs Assessment, Management Training, Performance Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Retreat Facilitation, Team Building, e-Training Solutions.

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