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Here’s what some of our clients have said about the work of our consultants and trainers:

Technology Practice Client Endorsements
University Practice Client Endorsements
Health Care Practice Client Endorsements
India Practice Client Endorsements

Technology Practice Client Endorsements

“CMCT was very helpful to us during a time of multiple transitions. Dr. Schomer’s assessment of issues needing attention was to the point, her recommendations were practical and feasible, and she knew how to coach internal teams on change implementation. She effectively guided us through processes of team integration, organizational development and dealing positively with cultural diversity. Our company is on a stronger footing because of CMCT's work with us."
Jim Noack, CEO
Xpede Corporation

“Thank you, Dr. Bernbaum, for the terrific work you did planning and executing a leadership seminar for us. Both your program and your personal leadership style energized the AppHost team. The proof is in the results. We just completed our first fiscal quarter since the retreat, and our financial results substantially exceeded the targets we had set for ourselves. I believe the team building and aspiration building engendered through your seminar has had everything to do with our business success.
Daniel Neal, Vice President & General Manager
AppHost Business Unit, Usinternetworking, Inc.

“Dr. Schomer’s findings and recommendations provided the company with a detailed snapshot of its current management and a focused checklist to help address issues in an integrated manner to support the achievement of business goals. The cultural orientation has contributed to the creation of a cohesive multicultural management team and progress on developing the company's new global identity."
Girish Gaitonde, CEO
Xoriant Corporation

“I wanted to thank Dr. Bernbaum for organizing and leading the successful management training and leadership exercise with my team. I learned more about some of the members of the team in a single afternoon than I have in two years of working with them. I also felt that my own leadership goals and skills markedly benefited from the day.”
Doug Dolginow, M.D., Senior Vice President
Gene Logic, Inc.

"Thank you, D. Schomer, for your assistance with upgrading our performance evaluation process and for the trainings you delivered here. You helped raise the general level of communication about performance at CAM Systems, and increased the supervisory effectiveness of our managers. You adapted the content and your style to our culture and made the process enjoyable as well as informative."
Dave Brennan, HR Director
CAM Systems, Inc.


University Practice Client Endorsements

"Dr. Schomer is a wise and experienced consultant, knowledgeable about human nature, organizations, and both administrative and academic culture. After her intensive work with chairs and managers, the staff was communicating in regular meetings, the chairs were consulting with one another, clear roles had been established, and transparent procedures were in place. I would have no hesitation in arranging to work with Dr. Schomer again."
Dr. Ralph Hexter, Dean
Division of Arts and Humanities
University of California, Berkeley

"Dr. Schomer is an exceptionally well-rounded organizational change leader and consultant, with a special ability to see systems and culture in their interrelations. She is skilled at diagnosing organizational problems, designing solutions, and managing the processes of change in a way that engages people's imagination and commitment."
Dr. Robert McDermott, President
California Institute of Integral Studies

”Dr. Schomer facilitated our planning for change and helped shape the architecture of our organizational restructuring. She helped create coherent narratives out of our collective thinking, and guided us to clear strategic planning and articulation of organizational goals. She helped us develop a team-based approach to management, and was an adept facilitator of our management team processes. She is an excellent listener, assimilates issues and ideas quickly, thinks clearly, and brings forward recommendations in a concise prose style that helps move action forward."
Dr. Joseph Cerny
Dean of the Graduate Division
University of California, Berkeley

"I found Dr. Schomer’s facilitation and consultation very constructive. Her approach was well suited to our team. She helped us identify our strengths and openly acknowledge our problems. Thanks to her facilitation, our discussions were incisive yet polite. She provided us with tools to manage the changes we need to make, and come up with realistic strategies. She was effective in helping the group overcome the many potential barriers to self-evaluation. Overall I was well pleased with the process and the results she helped us achieve."
Dr. William Barletta, Director
Accelerator & Fusion Research Division
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

“I want to reiterate our departmental thanks to you, Dr. Schomer, for all you did to make our retreat work. Without your efforts, we would not have gotten nearly as far as we did. Your help in our preparation, and then your able work in guiding the retreat activity, made it effective. I was especially impressed to watch you change your style from the 'traffic cop' of the first day to the leader who kept us on target the second day. I am hopeful that we will have very positive results from the whole event."
Dr. Marvalee Wake, Chair
Department of Integrative Biology
University of California, Berkeley

“Dr. Karine Schomer of Change Management Consulting & Training, LLC took on two very difficult tasks for my College over the past couple of years. In each case, she brought both extraordinary insights into organizational structure and great sensitivity to individual needs of faculty, staff and students of the units involved. In both cases, the outcomes of her efforts were both successful and greatly appreciated by the departments. She was able to set the departments on the path to success, greater productivity and a more positive outlook for themselves. She exhibited the greatest professionalism and confidentiality in her work and she allowed my College to achieve that which had eluded it in the past."
Dr. Paul W. Ludden, Dean
College of Natural Resources
University of California, Berkeley


Health Care Practice Client Endorsements

"Dr. Schomer was quick to grasp CMRI's strategic and organizational issues, gathered information efficiently, provided well-considered and thoughtful recommendations, designed just the right process for our retreat, and facilitated it with outstanding skill and sensitivity. She has a special talent for bringing groups to consensus. CMCT helped us move forward with clarity and in a timely way into our business expansion and infrastructure development."
Jo Ellen Ross, CEO
California Medical Review, Inc.


India Practice Client Endorsements

Here are some comments from participants in our India-related cross-cultural training workshops and seminars:

"Great program for introduction to Indian culture. I was amazed at how much I don’t know about India. This has given me much better appreciation for the culture. I appreciate the tips for communication. Thank you!"

"Best 4 hours for getting immersed in Indian culture within a business setting!"

"This workshop was extremely valuable for me and timely. I am always a bit nervous with my Indian co-workers and managers. I will now have more confidence. I also hope it will improve my ability to deal with accents.”

"The India workshop provided a lot of information, very interestingly presented, and with an excellent sense of humor. I very much liked the comprehensive case study, since there was a clear idea behind it."

"This was a well-structured session, covering all key facets of Indian culture. I enjoyed the lively interaction of the participants, which the session leader allowed to flow."

"The India seminar was outstanding. Great insights into American-Indian relationships and culture differences.” Such programs should be done more often.”



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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