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The CMCT India Practice

Our India Practice experts are available for short-term consultations and long-term consulting engagements in support of cross-cultural management effectiveness in working with India.

Consulting areas include the following:

  1. Executive consultations on doing business with India , outsourcing to India , cross-cultural leadership, and management issues involved in working with employees from India.

  2. Needs assessment consultations with managers and management teams on India-related cross-cultural communication and onsite/offshore integration issues in their organizations and how they can be best addressed.

  3. Training program development consultations for corporate training departments who want to develop training programs to address the needs of their onsite and offshore teams, with special focus on India.

  4. Communications strategy consultations on corporate and employee communications relating to offshore outsourcing initiatives or human resource initiatives across cultures, with special emphasis on India.

  5. Global organizational change management consultations to help U.S. and other global companies develop change strategies and processes that will insure maximal organizational effectiveness in transitioning to India business strategies, offshoring of operations, and outsourcing relationships with India.

  6. Problem-solving, advice, coaching and confidential feedback for individual managers on their approaches and challenges in managing a global and multicultural workforce, with special emphasis on India.

  7. e-learning/distance learning consultations on using web-based distance learning technology to deliver India-related training to a geographically dispersed workforce, or creating global on-line classrooms in which managers and employees located in India, the U.S. and elsewhere can participate in joint cross-cultural learning activities.


For more information or to schedule a consultation,
contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222



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