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CMCT brings added value to clients through a network of strategic partners who provide additional special services for helping businesses succeed.

Our Core Services

Services by Strategic Partners

Change Management Career Coaching
Organizational Development Communication Coaching
Human Resource Strategy Conflict Resolution
Leadership & Management Development Employee Surveys
Executive Coaching HR Audits
Cross-Cultural Consulting & Training ISO 9000 Consulting
Assessments Marketing Consulting
Team Building Sales Training
Group Process Facilitation Recruiting

Our Principal Strategic Partners


California ISO 9000 Consulting Services

California ISO 9000 provides consulting, training and public seminar services to companies interested in achieving the ISO 9000 internationally recognized quality standards for business management.

They offer comprehensive assistance to prepare companies for ISO 9000 certification, including Internal Quality Auditor, Supervisor & Manager, and CE certification training, liaison with certification Registrars, and facilitation of certification process, as well as assistance in managing or monitoring ISO implementation projects.

California ISO 9000 collaborates with CMCT in offering a "Business Problem and Change Management" service that uses the ISO diagnostic tools to determine root causes of problems and make action recommendations, and change management methodology to plan and guide implementation of recommendations.


LMI-Northern California

LMI-Northern California is a franchise of Leadership Management International, specializing in the training of supervisors, managers and executives in basic management skills, through a curriculum based on a facilitation model, and an emphasis on measurable behavior changes.

The LMI training process has been used by over 500,000 participants in the U.S. and 70 countries around the world. Among the most popular LMI programs are: Effective Personal Productivity, Effective Supervisory Management, Effective Management Development, Effective Personal Leadership, Effective Communication, and Effective Personal Management.

CMCT has also undertaken a joint project with LMI-Northern California to offer these programs in an online format, making it possible to train a desipersed and global workforce through distance learning.


Pacific Gateway Associates, Inc.

Pacific Gateway is an international human resources consulting and outsourcing firm that partners with clients to meet thier human resource needs. It offers a full range of human resources services to help businesses navigate the difficult transitions that are part of today's business world, and serves a wide cross-section of domestic and global clients.
Consulting services include HR audits, HR needs assessment, HR technology assessment, benefits/compensation design, performance management systems, training needs assessment and legislative updates. Training services include general management training and specialized workshops.
Pacific Gateway collaborates with CMCT on consulting and training projects that require goth organizational development/change management expertise and specialized human resources knowledge.



Globalcitizenship is a visionary enterprise that seeks to harness the power of globalization by building learning communities to share knowledge and by creating global citizens one at a time. Working through a worldwide network of individuals and organizations, Globalcitizenship facilitates executive retreats and transformational leadership seminars for business leaders from different countries seeking to build long-term alliances based on greater mutual understanding, and to interact in ways that embody a global mindset and the intent to create shared ownership and energy for change.


Bishop Market Resources

Bishop Market Resources is a competitive services agency that works with individuals, teams and businesses to build powerful, proactive and productive competitive solutions to create competitive success competitive research, win-loss research, competitive analysis, strategy & planning, competitive skills development, competitive programs, competitive intelligence systems, seminars, talks and articles. Bishop Market Resources helps clients compete in today's flat world by improving their competitive intelligence, skills and capabilities.


Global Business Strategy Associates
Global Business Strategy Associates helps companies that are interested in offshoring services to evaluate the costs and benefits of relocation and in formulating market and nonmarket strategies, and works with Indian and other developing country firms who would like to partner with firms in developed countries as well as find market opportunities for their products and services.
They help clients identify business partners and professional services, identify a pathway of relationships and services for their future growth, examine options and strategies for undertaking an offshore venture, develop offshoring strategies for services, assess risk, access venture capital and private equity, understand trade and technology policy, deal with regulatory bodies, and facilitate government-industry and university-industry collaborations.
CMCT has entered into a strategic partnership with Global Business Strategy Associates to provide value-added services in support of our respective clients' success in their offshore outsourcing ventures.



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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