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Working with CMCT

Follow our 7-step process that takes you from prompt response to your inquiry and an initial free consultation through project completion and recommendations for future action.

Step 1 - Contact CMCT

There are several ways to contact CMCT: call 510-525-9222, email or complete the contact form. You will receive a prompt response to your inquiry.

Step 2 - Initial Free Consultlation

CMCT provides you with an initial free consultation - by phone or in person, depending on circumstances and distance. Focus of this consultation is on your company's immediate change, organizational development, human resource strategy, management development, training, teamwork, cross-cultural, e-learning or other issue(s) and a general exploration of related organizational challenges the company faces.

Step 3 - Alternative Options

Following the initial consultation, CMCT prepares for you a brief written statement of alternative options for addressing the issue(s), and holds a further conversation with you to determine which option is most appropriate and that there is a "green light" for developing a project proposal.

Step 4 - Project Proposal

CMCT submits a full project proposal, including deliverables, timeline, fees and payment policies, project management, terms and conditions. Client reviews proposal, changes (if any) are negotiated, client accepts the proposal. Depending on the situation, projects will be quoted on an hourly, daily, per person, or retainer basis.

Step 5 - Consulting Services Agreement

CMCT submits to client a formal consulting services agreement for mutual sign-off. The agreement includes standard confidentiality, non-disclosure and indemnity provisions, as well as clear assignment of a project management contact in both organizations.

Step 6 - Delivery of Service

CMCT performs the agreed upon service, keeping in close touch with the client project management contact and providing regular updates on the progress of the project.

Step 7 - Completion, Evaluation & Recommendations

When service is completed, CMCT engages client in a formal evaluation of results achieved, provides a closing report on the project, and makes recommendations to the client for future action.



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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