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CMCT Philosophy

CMCT's philosophy stresses four fundamental service principles:

Customized Service

We help clients meet their people development, human resource strategy, work process, management infrastructure and organizational systems needs in a flexible manner. Unless specifically recommended, here are no off-the-shelf solutions. We view every organization as a unique and complex entity whose aspirations and culture we need to understand in order to provide effective service.

Integrated Approach

It is our philosophy that people, strategy, systems, structure, process and culture issues must be addressed in a way that recognizes their inter-relationships. When we take on a particular assignment, we do so with an interest in contributing to the overall performance of the organization and its people. We are especially interested in serving at the pressure points where organizational culture, strategies and systems need to respond to the demands of new business challenges and opportunities.

Quality and Results

We are committed to providing professional service that is of impeccable quality and has a genuine transformative effect on the organization. For the duration of our work with a client, we become partners in achieving the client's mission and goals. We recommend and implement those consulting, training, coaching and facilitation interventions that will lead to measurable value-added results.

Multiple Bottom Lines

It is our philosophy that business and organizational effectiveness is built on a four-fold value: to the investors, to the customers, to the people who work in the organization, and to society. We therefore advocate and facilitate organizational development and transformation that addresses these multiple bottom lines in a balanced way, and we undertake our assignments in that spirit.



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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