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Leadership & Management Development

How Leaders Lead
Leaders envision the future, make decisions, communicate, and motivate others. Effective leadership is an art that involves attitude, imagination, knowledge, skill, commitment and consistent practice. This seminar takes you through the essentials of leadership success. How to cultivate vision, practice integrity, take risks, inspire others, and exercise authority. How to model the values you stand for, give and receive trust, draw on people's potential, communicate with power, and develop an effective personal presence and style. How to create effective teams and keep everyone focused on shared values and objectives. Recommended for all who find themselves in positions of leadership.

Leading and Managing Change
Principles, approaches and techniques for leading and managing human, technical and organizational change. How to strengthen employees' change readiness, understand the dynamics and roles of change, make decisions that are aligned with organizational and external realities, and follow through with structured implementation. A systematic method for managing the change process. Option of using an actual organizational situation as case study.

Strategic Planning
How to turn ideas into realities through effective strategic planning. Overview of strategic planning purposes, principles, processes and tools. Developing an effective planning team. Defining the organization's mission, vision, and goals. Identifying challenges and opportunities. Developing strategies, action plans and strategic budgets. Managing and tracking implementation. Participants work with real-life planning issues from their own organization(s).

Developing your Organization
Overview of basic principles, methods, tools and techniques of organizational development. Workshop specially designed for leaders and managers, to help them increase the effectiveness of their organizations. Examination of the leader and manager's role in organizational development, how to be a good diagnostician of organizational issues, types of interventions recommended for specific problems, where and how to use organizational development specialists. Participants discuss and trouble-shoot concrete issues from their own organization(s).

Effective Organizational Communication
How to improve your organization's internal communications through systematic programs, policies and training. Conducting an employee communications audit, identifying communication needs and blocks, developing communication strategies, defining and clarifying messages, creating communication protocols and norms, developing communication checklists for specific functions and issues, use of different communications channels and technologies, creating employee involvement and communication feedback loops.

Negotiation: The Art of Building Relationships
How to approach negotiation with confidence. Understanding when negotiation is necessary or appropriate. Learning to practice a relationship-based negotiation philosophy that stresses mutual satisfaction of needs. Principles, strategies and tactics used in negotiation. Characteristics of a good negotiator, key skills and attitudes for negotiation success. Cultivating a personal negotiation style. Avoiding critical negotiation mistakes. Workshop makes use of negotiation scenarios brought by participants, and involves intensive practice and role-playing.

Leadership & Teamwork Through Mountain Metaphors
How to use the powerful enabling tool of trekking and mountain metaphors to open up new ways of thinking about leadership and management problems and their solutions. Skill areas include leadership, teamwork and communication; generating vision and establishing values; setting goals and formulating strategy; developing plans and managing implementation. This experiential workshop can be delivered as a free-standing training workshop or in combination with a facilitated team-building retreat that reinforces learning about leadership and teamwork through an actual experience of hiking together in a beautiful local setting.

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