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CMCT offers a special team building program: "Scaling the Heights Together: Leadership and Teamwork Through Mountain Metaphors."

"Scaling the Heights Together" helps corporate, educational and non-profit groups use the tool of mountain metaphors, and the actual experience of hiking together, to push the boundaries of their thinking and strengthen their capabilities in:

  • leadership, teamwork and communication
  • generating vision and establishing values
  • setting goals and formulating strategies
  • developing plans to implement strategies
The program was created for CMCT by Dr. Karine Schomer and Dr. Edwin Bernbaum, author of Sacred Mountains of the World, who co-leads annual leadership treks to Mount Everest for the Wharton School.

"Scaling the Heights Together" can be offered as a stand-alone presentation, seminar or retreat, or it can be integrated into a facilitated retreat or other professional development experience.

One of the key components of "Scaling the Heights Together" is a hiking experience (a short climb, a cross-country hike, or an "urban trek") in a beautiful local setting, specially designed to re-enforce experientially the ideas and concepts learned in the program's indoor components.

"Scaling the Heights Together" differs from "outward bound" kinds of programs in that it combines outdoor experience and team building with a strong intellectual and cultural content, and with facilitating concrete planning and problem-solving on particular issues and challenges. In addition, unlike "outward bound" programs, the outdoor experience consists of easy hiking that everyone can do without having to push themselves physically.

Depending on the group's needs and available time, a range of options can be provided:

  • Three day (two-night) retreat with hike
  • Two-day (one-night) retreat with hike
  • One-day facilitated retreat with hike
  • Half-day seminar (with or without hike)
  • Stand-alone hike
  • Presentation and discussion
  • Presentation and facilitated application

See examples of CMCT’s team building and facilitation: Case Study #7, Case Study #12, Case Study #13, Case Study #15, Case Study #17, Case Study #19, Case Study #24, Case Study #25.

Contact CMCT to obtain more information and a detailed brochure bout the “Scaling the Heights Together” team building program.



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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