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Leadership & Management Development

The CMCT India Practice has developed special region-specific programs to enhance the business and cross-cultural communication skills of managers and professionals who work with India , and of offshore teams in India and professionals from India working globally with Americans.

We offer face-to-face instructor-led programs, interactive live webcasts, and modular self-paced online programs.

Working with India: Cross-Cultural Foundations and Business Skills
The flagship program of the CMCT India Practice. An in-depth seminar for managers and professionals working with offshore teams and business counterparts in India. Background knowledge about India and the Indian people as a foundation for building sound working relationships. Understanding similarities in core values, work-related behaviors and communication styles. Cross-cultural awareness training combined with hands-on problem-solving, skills development and action planning to enhance work-related interactions with Indian employees, team members, business colleagues, vendors, and offshore partners.

Cultural Awareness: India Online
A one-hour online program in two 30-minute modules. Module 1: background information on the historical, economic, political and cultural context of Indian business today. Module 2: overview of differences between Indian and American communication patterns and strategies to bridge these differences. Can be used as a stand-alone, self-paced learning tool or as “book ends” for blended training in conjunction with CMCT's instructor-led “Working with India” or “Cultural Awareness: India” programs.

Cultural Awareness: India
An introductory workshop for leaders, managers and employees who require general awareness of India and Indian business culture as a foundation for building sound working relationships with Indian colleagues and business associates. Country briefing, geographical overview, economy, political system, language diversity, religious diversity, society, educational system, and business environment. Overview of Indian business culture, etiquette and protocols. Understanding differences between American and Indian management, work and communication styles. Tips and best practice approaches to bridging the differences.

Living and Working in India: Pre-Departure Orientation
and Cross-Cultural Training for Expatriate Business Professionals

Pre-departure training program for business professionals (and their families) going to India on short-term or long-term work assignments. Detailed information about living and working in India . Preparing for the trip to India , settling in logistics, practical tips for health, safety, recreation, and how to cope with culture shock. General cultural background information to help assure a successful experience and integrate into local social and professional life. Understanding Indian business customs and protocol. How to manage and lead teams in an Indian environment, understanding the Indian legal and HR context, how to handle meetings and negotiations. Skills for establishing trust, effective communication, and relationship building. Learning to shift frames of reference to know what works and what doesn't in the Indian environment.

Offshore Virtual Team Management
A workshop for managers and project leaders responsible for day-to-day management of offshore virtual teams. Understanding the logistical project management and process issues of virtual teams as well as the people skills required for successful leadership, management and supervision across cultures. Key virtual project management skills, general and culture-specific people and communication skills for project managers, leading and motivating a virtual team, process implications of an offshore or offshore outsourcing relationship, understanding your offshore team and/or vendor's organizational culture, addressing cross-cultural management issues. Best practices and strategies for integrating your offshore-onsite people and processes.

Working with Americans: Mindset, Behavior and Communication Skills
An interactive cross-cultural training seminar for managers and employees from other cultures working for U.S. companies, or involved with Americans as part of virtual teams and in the offshore outsourcing environment. General background on American culture in comparative perspective, and understanding how cultural differences affect mindset, behaviors and communication. American core values, business culture, workplace interactions, communication styles, etiquette and protocol. Learning and practicing the workplace behaviors generally expected by Americans, and effective U.S.-style workplace communication. Development of strategies and action plans for adapting behavior and communication styles in order to work more effectively with Americans.
Available both as face-to-face training and in interactive live webcast format.

Living and Working in the United States: Post-Arrival Orientation and Cross-Cultural Training for Managers and Professionals from Other Countries
Post-arrival training program for business professionals (and their families) coming to the United States on short-term or long-term work assignments. Practical logistics and social dimensions of living in the U.S. Settling in, practical tips for health, safety, recreation, and becoming involved with the local community. Understanding the cross-cultural experience of coming to the U.S. and how to cope with culture shock. Central cultural values and their implications, business customs and protocol. Expected workplace interactions and behaviors, preferred communication styles, understanding the legal and HR environment, how to manage effectively in the U.S. environment, how to handle meetings and negotiations, networking, career development. Major professional and social do's and don'ts for successful integration into U.S. social and professional life.

Other CMCT training programs may also be relevant to companies involved in the India-U.S. business nexus.

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For more information or to book a program,
contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.


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