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Change Management: Why? When? What?
Rapid and continuous change is the reality of today's business life. Change management is needed at crucial stages in a company's evolution and when companies are suffering from symptoms of organizational dysfunction. This article sets forth the ABC's of change management: why it's needed, at what times, and what it consists of.

Leading in Times of Chaos
How do you redirect core competencies, remake organizations and redesign work in times of uncertainty? Most companies today face major overlapping challenges of change. Here is what needs to happen with leaders, employees and organizational cultures if your company is to survive and even thrive in chaotic times.

Behavior Norms for the High Tech Workplace
The explicit culture proclaimed in official company statements and the implicit culture expressed in people's daily interactions are not always the same. Neglecting the intangibles of organizational culture can be costly. Here are some recommended practices for becoming aware of your company's culture and avoiding disconnects.



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