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Systematic assessments are a fast and cost-effective way to identify issues and opportunities for improved organizational functioning and individual performance.

Often, the best way to address an immediate issue is to use a structured diagnostic tool that will help see the dimensions of the issue, define the root causes, and develop options for corrective action.

CMCT administers both organizational assessments and psychometric assessments of individuals and teams.

Our Organizational Assessments

CMCT carries out the following customized organizational assessments:

  • Organizational needs assessment
  • Change readiness assessment
  • Management systems audit
  • HR audit
  • Team roles/team effectiveness assessment
  • Work process analysis
  • Training needs assessment
  • Workplace communications assessment
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Workplace climate survey
  • Diversity and cross-cultural climate assessment


Our Psychometric Assessments

CMCT administers the Profiles International menu of employee and management psychometric assessments.

  • Individual Profile (The Profile XT)
  • Step One Survey Pre-Employment Profile
  • Profiles Performance Indicator
  • Profiles Sales Indicator
  • Profiles Customer Service Survey
  • Profiles Team Analysis
  • Profiles Call Center Survey
  • Profiles Career Coach
  • Job Analysis Survey
  • CheckPoint 360° Compentency Feedback

These assessments help companies objectively evaluate the job-related capabilities and behavioral tendencies of individuals, the compatibilities of work teams, and the requisites for successful performance in particular jobs and projects.

They can be administered in hard-copy format or through an on-line format that saves turn-around time.

Individual, management and coaching reports can be produced for each assessment, and used for a variety of purposes - from pre-hiring screening to team formation to succession planning.




For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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