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CMCT offers a menu of consulting, information services and cross-cultural training to assist organizations working globally and/or with a culturally diverse and global workforce.

We help address cross-cultural awareness, adaptation, communication and teamwork issues facing managers and professional personnel, in both the domestic and the overseas environment, including offshore outsourcing.

Consulting Services

  1. Executive briefings on doing business in or with other countries and management issues involved in working with employees from other countries.

  2. Needs assessment consultations with managers and management teams on cross-cultural training and integration issues in their organizations and how they can best be addressed.

  3. Communications strategy consultations on cross-cultural corporate communications and deploying management or human resource initiatives across cultures.

  4. Problem-solving, advice, coaching and confidential feedback for individual managers involved in managing a multicultural or global workforce, or working with business counterparts across cultures.

See cross-cultural consulting case studies: Case Study #2, Case Study #3, Case Study #9, Case Study #14, Case Study #15, Case Study #21, Case Study #22, Case Study #23.


Training Programs

CMCT offers a number of face-to-face, webcast and online training programs to enhance cross-cultural and global business skills.

  1. Communicating Across Cultures
  2. Working with Americans: Mindset, Behavior and Communication Skills
  3. Cultural Awareness: India Online
  4. Working with India: Cross-Cultural Foundations and Business Skills
  5. ABC's of Business Across Cultures
  6. Leading and Managing Across Cultures
  7. Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
  8. Working Successfully in Global Multicultural Teams
  9. Building Effective Global Multicultural Teams
  10. Offshore Virtual Team Management
  11. Living and Working in the United States: Post-Arrival Orientation and Cross-Cultural Training for Managers and Professionals from Other Countries

To see more detailed descriptions click here.

See also our region-specific cross-cultural training programs focused on India.

And see cross-cultural training case studies: Case Study #2, Case Study #3, Case Study #9, Case Study #10, Case Study #14, Case Study #15, Case Study #18, Case Study #20, Case Study #21, Case Study #22, Case Study #23.


Information Resources

Read our articles to obtain information and tips on doing business abroad, developing successful outsourcing relationships, and cross-cultural management and adaptation issues. See sample articles “How Culture Affects Motivation,” “Business Cultures and Etiquettes,” “Working with India: What To Know Before You Go,” “American Business Culture: What Offshore Teams Need to Know,” “Improving the Cross-Cultural Competency of Offshore Teams,” “Cultural vs. Operational Issues in Offshoring” and “Cross-Cultural Risk Factors in Offshore Outsourcing.”


Regional Specializations

Our core expertise relates to India and the other countries of the Indian subcontinent. See the CMCT India Practice and articles focusing on the India-U.S. business nexus.

Other regional and country expertise: Southeast Asia (special focus on Philippines), Middle East, and Western Europe (especially France, U.K. and Germany). We also provide expertise on China, Japan, Mexico and South America through our referral network of specialist colleagues.



  • Businesses, organizations and agencies that have a culturally diverse global workforce, including expatriate workers from other countries
  • Businesses, organizations and agencies working overseas or outsourcing some of their business processes or IT development work overseas
  • Overseas providers of services and personnel for U.S. clients



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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