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Integrated Solutions to Organizational Change

CMCT supports your organization’s success with managing change, performance improvement,
leadership and management development, and enhancing your cross-cultural management.

We provide services to help build up your company's leadership capacities, management infrastructure, organizational culture, and the resilience of your people for long-term sustainability and success.

Our core services encompass 7 fundamental disciplines for creating productive and successful organizations:

"In today's competitive environment, the advantage lies with the organizations
that successfully address their people issues and the challenges of change."

Dr. Karine Schomer President, CMCT

  1. Change management & organizational development
  2. Human resource strategy
  3. Leadership & management training
  4. Executive coaching
  5. Cross-cultural & global management consulting
  6. Assessments
  7. Team building & facilitation

Our approach is hands-on, thorough and methodical. Through our network of consultants and strategic partners, we help our clients make change happen.

Our case studies and endorsements illustrate how clients have used our services to achieve their goals. Articles by our consultants provide useful insights and tips on managing change and working successfully in global and multicultural organizations.

Our Technology Practice, University Practice and Health Care Practice provide assistance that is grounded in firsthand knowledge of these specific industries. Our India Practice offers specialized cross-cultural expertise focusing on the rapidly developing global business nexus involving India.



For more information, contact CMCT, write to info@cmct.net, or call 510-525-9222.

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